Pair of small Fu dogs / temple guards around 1800

No. 28687

B 16cm x H 29cm x T 50cm

1 pair

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In this pair, the lion with the silk ball is depicted twice. Partially fragments of a former colored version are still preserved.

Chengdu, Sichuan province

around 1800

Usually the guardian lions appear as a pair: On the right, the male lion with a silk ball, formerly a pearl, and on the left, the lioness with her cub under her paw. The male lion symbolizes the strength and power, the silk ball symbolizes the unity and power of the kingdom. The lioness with her cub symbolizes growth and well-being. Standing in front of the entrances of temples and public buildings, but also in front of private houses of wealthy personalities, the lions are supposed to keep away all bad influences.


Victims of the Cultural Revolution

Measures and Weight

  • Width: 160 mm
  • Stärke/Tiefe: 500 mm
  • Höhe/Länge: 290 mm


  • Natural stone


  • Classicism