Konvolut Gerhard Föhlisch - 170 graphics & drawings

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Gerhard Föhlisch, born April 14, 1908.
Graphic artist and VH lecturer in art writing and drawing.
Initially lived supposedly in Berlin. At the end of his life Föhlisch lived in Potsdam-Babelsberg.

The unmatched collection includes 170 designs and samples of his graphic works as well as sketches and drawings of portraits and architecture/city views. The sheets are in varying condition. Partly there is soiling, especially the poster designs are more broken and / or torn at the edges.
A large part of the works is signed with his monogram. The earliest works are dated to the late 1920s and early 1930s. The other works are dated from the 1950s to the 1980s.

4 x poster designs
These are painted drafts/templates - no prints

  •     Tattersaal W 59.5 x H 84 cm
  •     Guttmann Antiques W 95 x H 150 cm (heavily damaged)
  •     Grand Duché W 74,5 x H 102 cm
  •     Spreewald Lübbenau W 98,5 x 145,5 cm

Graphics - drafts/ templates/ samples/ proof pages
Advertising, utility graphics (business cards, invoice templates...), type design book pages...
Approx. 50 examples of his works in various sizes

Portraits/ People

  •     45 x studies/ sketches b/w with charcoal/pencil; sizes approx. A4 to A2
  •     20 x drawings b/w with charcoal/pencil in passpartout; formats approx. A3 to A2
  •     9 x drawings/ paintings on paper colored; size approx. A3 to A2   
        thereof 1 x A2 Parents Föhlisch

Architecture/ Landscape/ City views

  •     8 x sketches format ca. A4 b/w
  •     35 x b/w ink; format approx. A4-A3
  •     3 x color; format approx. A4-A3


  • Paper


  • 20's - 30's
  • DDR
  • 50s