historical pine flooring up to 7m

No. 5275

500 square meters

€ 19,00*

per square meter

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Original grown wood beginning from 18th century Brandenburg/Prussia

specials for carpenters:

from 100sqm ask discount

specials for investors

from 500sqm ask discount

price incl tax 19%

the planks are in the state of the mountains and are not ready for laying

19€ - 1m

29€  -  2m

39€   -  3m

49€   -  4m

5-8m long : please ask for price



from 20cm wide +9€/sqm

from 28 mm thick + 9€/sqm

orders under 10 sqm/ +15%



from 1-7m long

10-30cm wide

26-35 mm thick

ask for specials up to 50cm wide


we offer flooringspecialists to finish your floors highend from 48€/sqm with all work including wax/oil


  • Pinewood


  • Classicism
  • Victorian
  • Biedermeier
  • around 1900
  • 20's - 30's