Gateway, consisting of 3 granite piles

No. 6666

B 55cm x H 3,45m x T 55cm

1 position

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The door system consists of three door piles made of granite with plaster crowns.
The iron gates pictured in the photos are not content of the position. They are an example of a possible set-up and use. Belonging to the gate system was a metal gate (probably DDR-time). The full steel beams for doors and Torzapfen still exist.

This item includes: 2 square pillar with crown, 1 rectangular pillars and 2 bollards.

The total length of the pillars is about 4.40 meters
(consists of 0.95-1.0 meter foundation; 2.70 meter pier shaft; 0.75 meter crown)

Dimensions square pillars:
average width: 0.55 m
average depth: 0.55 m

Dimensions rectangular pillars:
average width: 0.28 m
average depth: 0.55 m

Dimensions of the small pieces:
Number 1. W 36 cm x H 91,5 cm x D 35 cm
Number 2. W 33 cm x H 94 cm x D 43 cm
Number3. W 24 cm x H 51 cm x D 19,5 cm


Measures and Weight

  • Width: 550 mm
  • Stärke/Tiefe: 550 mm
  • Höhe/Länge: 3450 mm


  • Granite