Dissolution of a tailor's doll manufactory BERLIN

No. 29262

74 pieces

€ 28,00*

per piece

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Collection from one of the last German manufactories for tailor dolls / busts.

Convolute primarily consisting of plaster models of various clothing sizes, mainly for women and children:torso, hips, legs arms, some of which can be put together variably, as well as a workbench, work tables and tools.

Plaster models:

14 x Torso Large with hips (partly loosely assembled, partly in one piece).
4 x Torso Large without hip
14 x Torso Small with hip (partly loosely assembled, partly in one piece)
1 x Torso Small without hip
10 x hips (partly with leg attachment)
15 x legs (pairs, various sizes)
1 x head
approx. 40 x arms
and fragments legs

Workbench, incl.
9 x wooden clamps
3 x measuring tools
Saw large
Tool box with approx. 20 single parts

4 x work tables
length approx. 2 m; height approx. 85 cm
Of which 1 table with holes for setting up and fixing the modeling trestle.

1 x Rotatable modeling trestle with measuring device

2 x stools



  • Wood
  • Hard Plaster
  • Metal


  • 20's - 30's
  • Modern Era
  • 50s
  • 30s to 40s
  • Mid-Century Modern