Collection copper relief murals "Flowers" Anne Petras

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Artist: Anne Petras

All pieces are signed with monogram

Position consisting of 8 copper relief murals with different motifs and dimensions.

Single flower small: W 22.5 x H 30.5 x D 1.7 cm
Sunflower: W 22 x H 28.5 x D 1 cm
Flower tendril portrait format: W 22.5 x H 64 x D 1.7 cm
Flower tendril portrait/landscape: W 22,5 x H 64,5 x D 1,7 cm
Single flower large: W 30,5 x H 40 x D 2 cm
Single flower medium: W 23,5 x H 36,5 x D 1,3 cm
Basket with puppies: W 32 x H 23,5 x D 1 cm
Flower 4 flowers small: W 22 x H 28,5 x D 1 cm

The copper plates are oxidized to varying degrees and have light corrosion in a few areas (especially backs).

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