Chalet Français - Billiard salon with fireplace

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B 13,20m x H 3,88m

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Impressive interior furnishings with pine wall panels, two double-leaf doors, including frames and door crowns and, as a special eye-catcher, a huge fireplace mirror, embedded in exposed wall panels and a marble fireplace mask underneath.

Fireplace mirror and fireplace mask
Two diagonally standing wooden panels with cassettes lead to the mirror framed with wood. Carved ornaments (egg stick and fruit vine) decorate the mirror which ends in the round arch.

  • Complete assembly: W approx. 3.20 m x D approx. 43 cm x H 3.88 m
  • Mirror: B 1.07 m x H 2.05 m (visible surface)
  • Fireplace: W 1.53 m x H 1.05 m x D approx. 43 cm (without ledge)
  • Chimney mantle: W 1.61 x D 37 cm x H 3 cm

Wall panels low
Low wall panels with cassettes (set off black). Two panels were cropped on one side during disassembly and were partially broken out (was taken into account during dimensioning).
Height: 1.80 meters; depth 6 cm

  • 1 x width: 2,41 m (back side green)
  • 2 x width: 1,97 m
  • 1 x width: 71,5 cm
  • 1 x width: 73 cm

Wall Panels High
High wall panels with cassettes (set off in black). In some cases, finishing decorative strips are included loose or missing.
Height: 3.84 metres; depth 6 cm

  • 1 x width: 28 cm
  • 2 x width: 47,5 cm
  • 1 x width: 32 cm

2 x double wing doors with frame and door crown
The inward opening double wing door is white on the back but with the same design. The door opening to the outside is brown on the back, without colour contrasts, with different cassettes. It paasts to other room elements, which are also offered in our catalogue.

  • Overall dimensions of door frame: W 171.5 cm x H 279 cm
  • Frame: H 279 cm x W 12 cm x D 6 cm
  • Door leaf: H 266 cm x W 72 cm x D 3 cm
  • Clearance height: 268 cm
  • Clear width: 148 cm
  • Door crown: W 1.70 m (with bottom profile: 1.80 m) x H 96 cm

All elements are subject to minor chipping, cracking or chipping due to age.

Adjacent to these room elements there are further ones available, on the back of which the design and colour of the billiard room can be found:

On the one hand a 4-leaf door with frame, which is the transition to the ladies salon.
On the other hand a double wing door with frame and door crown to the library.



We will be happy to recommend our fireplace builder for approval "open fireplaces" without a glass pane when you buy.

Measures and Weight

  • Width: 13200 mm
  • Höhe/Länge: 3880 mm


  • Marble
  • Oak


  • around 1900