Fountain clay mine director Saxonia

No. 20850

B 1,37m x H 68cm x T 81cm

1 piece

€ 1480,00 888,00*

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The well consists of cement castings with large slugs. Originally it seems to have been red painted. Fragments are still preserved.

The base and the rim of the well are slightly profiled, cassette-shaped depressions are embedded in the side surfaces. On the front side there is an outlet opening.

There are two cracks in the upper part of the two long sides.


We recommend having a zinc insert made to get the dreamy patina and restore the function.


Measures and Weight

  • Width: 1370 mm
  • Stärke/Tiefe: 810 mm
  • Höhe/Länge: 680 mm


  • Cement


  • around 1900