7 x Berlin stair railing

No. 28984

7 pieces

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Position consisting of 7 sloping railing elements, which vary slightly in dimensions.

The total height (including stile) is about 90 cm +/-7 cm.
width stile: 60 mm
height of rail: 55 mm

The length dimensions of individual elements are measured at the outer edges of the outer uprights. The length of the spar is not included.

Element I
Sloping width: 2.17 m / Slope: approx. 57°.
Straight piece staircase exit: width: 47 cm

Element II
Width: 2,54 m / Slope: ca. 57°

Element III
Width: 2,55 m / Slope: ca. 55°

Element IV
width: 2,61 m / inclination: ca. 55°

Element V
width: 2,61 m / inclination: approx. 55°.

Element VI
width: 2,57 m / inclination: approx. 55°.

Element VII
Width: 3,10 m / gradient: approx. 55°.
There is worm infestation on the approach post.

The railing elements are in need of repair. In particular, the wooden joints should be reworked and re-stabilized.


  • alder


  • Art Nouveau
  • around 1900