16 sqm loft parquet oak 7 x 25 cm

No. 27615

B 7cm x H 25cm x T 2,30cm

1 position

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Position consists of approx. 11 sqm 7 x 25 cm, approx. 3 sqm 7 x 20 cm and approx. 2 sqm bleeds.


Partial damage on the underside.

Our original wooden floors are in the salvage state and not yet ready to be laid - they require expert processing.

After purchase, we would be happy to recommend our long-standing, experienced, cooperative woodworkers for installation worldwide.

Sold only as overall position



Dreamlike patina !

For studio - loft - garage - store - apartment -.....

Historic floors have lived surfaces with injuries and color differences, as well as dimensional deviations.

Please visit and let us advise you , whether brushed and oiled or sanded and waxed for example should be .

For special selective projects, we offer at adjusted prices the possibility of monument sorting by your specialist processor or you yourself, so that a special selection of small quantities from large batches can be made.

Let our carpenter instruct you for this in terms of time and expertise.


Measures and Weight

  • Width: 70 mm
  • Stärke/Tiefe: 23 mm
  • Höhe/Länge: 250 mm
  • Weight: 230.00 kg


  • Oak


  • 20's - 30's