You would like to present a special gift to a dear person, but do not know what she would like the most? Then you are always right with a voucher! Because the person can choose the appropriate voucher value exactly what she likes.

Gutschein zum Warenkorb hinzufügen:

Bitte die Hinweise in der Beschreibung beachten!

Mindestwert: 25 EUR


How can I order a voucher online?

  1. In order to be able to order / buy a voucher online, you simply have to register with your e-mail address and password, if you already have an account with us or you register again with your e-mail address and a password.
  2. Then put the voucher into the shopping cart. Click on Shopping Cart. Then follow the lower right of the order button. Simply follow the order process in 4 steps.

The following information / notes are particularly important for the exhibition and processing:

  1. You determine the amount of the voucher (minimum amount 25 €). Please enter this into the field provided.
  2. You name the recipient so that we can enter the name into the voucher. Enter only the first name or title, first and last name in the corresponding field.
  3. Then we need your billing address.
  4. You decide whether you hand over the voucher card personally or have it sent directly to the recipient by mail. In case of delivery / dispatch to you or the recipient, we need the delivery address. We charge a flat rate of € 0.99 per order within Germany. Get the voucher with us, the shipping costs are not applicable. If you would like to forward the voucher to the recipient by e-mail, we will send you the voucher by e-mail in the form of a pdf.-document.
  5. You will receive an online-invoice to your e-mail address with the request to transfer it within 3 days (if applicable, plus shipping charges, if delivery is desired, alternatively self-collection in Marwitz within 7 days; the voucher exhibition will only take place when you are on the spot) .
  6. After receipt of payment, we issue the voucher and send it, if desired.

Can I order several vouchers at the same time?

Yes. However, you must place a separate online order for each voucher. If you have a larger number of vouchers, e.g. for employees or business partners, please send an e-mail to: office@historische-bauelemente.com or contact us by phone on 03304/50 22 42.

Are shipping costs charged?

  • For dispatch by mail: We charge a flat rate of 0.99 € per order within Germany.
  • When sending by e-mail: There are no shipping charges.
  • For pick-up on the spot: There are no costs.

How long is the voucher valid?

The voucher is valid for 3 years from December of the year of issue.

When will I or the recipient receive the voucher?

  • For dispatch by mail: Within 3-5 working days after payment we send the gift voucher to the person / company indicated in the delivery address.
  • When sending by e-mail: Within 1-2 working days after payment we send the gift voucher free in the form of a pdf.-document to you or the recipient (as long as we have the e-mail address of the recipient).
  • For pick-up and cash on the spot: The voucher is to be collected at our regular opening hours in Marwitz within 7 days. The voucher will only be issued when you are there.

We wish you a lot of fun when giving away!